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Join to LOVE yourself more and to feel more powerful and beautiful inside and out by developing a simple self-care practice. Build your confidence and inner and out strength through our daily under 20 minute workouts along with soul work to increase your vibration to create more magic in your life.
Learn our simple fun self-care routine that takes about 20 minutes.
7 days of short effective workouts to transform your body and mind
Special offering to join our fitness lifestyle soul gym - Purely Fit Life. The BEST sisterhood!!
Learn how to love your body through movement and taking care of your soul.
Soul and mindset work - Intentions. Affirmations. Gratitude. Visualization. Essential oils.
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You have to love the body you have now to get the body you want.
We'll show you how...because you aren't broken. There is nothing to fix.
This fitness self-love challenge is for YOU - for you to love your whole self.
Hi, we're Lori and Michelle
Fitness lifestyle modern spiritual entrepreneurs for time crunched ambitious spiritual heart led women who love a good workout but never seem to have time for it and understand the importance of mindset and being in alignment with your soul.